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An innovative  3D/2D Limitless Platform Technology

The application of truth and scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life
Our Story

Founded in 2010 in Miami, FL as a platform software development firm, then moving to Silicon Hills in 2013 as a platform software tech start-up, the Spiritcube journey began with dozens of employees focused on a leading-edge remembrance product. From those modest beginnings, Spiritcube has grown into a global company working to be an industry standard for modern social media 2D and 3D platform development.

Our Vision

Developing and implementing next-gen platform technology to bring enhanced user experience, capability and information forward in order to empower people to receive it unfiltered and untethered. At Spiritcube we are focused on empowering people in mass with the power to access and use next-gen platform technology; which will clear the way for greatly enhanced processing of information and data from the source in order to promote organic growth.


The New Standard

of Social Media platform.


Spiritcube platforms will use base algorithms to process, sweep and sort users and information. In today’s battle of big tech mega-blast bot repeating accounts, we strive to not be a part of the current murky "status quo." We are striving to be the clearest source of information for billions of wanting and waiting users. We do not claim that our platforms will always be an emotionally safe space, rather the appropriately right space.

Who are we

How it works

Digital social media
Blockchain Developer


Everyday technology holds a more important place in people’s lives than it did yesterday. Therefore, we are developing an open access array of global platforms.


Developing industry leading technology that improves life through enhanced capability and access.

Mobile Phone
How it works
The Business Times

"Innovative intelligence that gives clarity in the global social media market"

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Spiritcube Inc.

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